Posted on Jun 4, 2018

DC Plumber LLC

Drain Cleaning Tips

One of the most common plumbing problems at home is drain clogging. Drain clogging occurs when the flow of waste water is inhibited in your home drainage and sewer system. Drain clogging is mainly caused by blockage inside the drain or sewer pipes. This is where you have a solid obstacle lodged inside your drainage or sewer lines thereby blocking the flow of waste water and other household waste from the house into the private septic tank and onwards into the municipal sanitary system.

Drain cleaning refers to the process of cleansing or clearing out all debris from the inside walls of your drainage and sewer pipes. Drain cleaning services are offered by professional sewer companies as part of their sewer line repair and maintenance services. As a homeowner, there are several things that you can do to prevent or fix clogged drains in your home plumbing system. The following drain cleaning tips will help you maintain the health of your home drainage and sewer system.
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